Chrow's Nest

Figure it’s time to update!

Every so often, I get bored and toss together a boffer sword. I don’t really LARP or anything, but these are still fun to have around just as the occasional distraction. I have a younger brother who is shaping up to be just as much of a dork as I am and it’s great fun to take him outside and clash swords.

The process is pretty simple, really. While scavenging for cardboard, as I usually do, I often come across this plasticy white packing foam. Often used to protect electronics and such because it doesn’t create as much static electricity as the crumbly typical styrofoam.

First thing I did was chop a long, rectangular length of the stuff down the middle, lengthwise and then cut a channel down the center of that piece. This will come in hard later.

The next step was to give the whole thing more of a blade shape. I tapered down the edges, so both sides were more of a trapezoid shape. From there, I cut a triangular shape out of the top (reason why in a second) and beveled down the edges by cutting along the surface at an angle.

From there, you tape one side of this vague bladeshape to a length of PVC pipe. Then I taped the other half to the half that was secured to the pipe. For the tip, I cut out two diamond shaped pieces of foam andshaped them a bit so shwne they sandwiched together they would come to a point.

The rest is just a matter of covered it nicely in tape so it looks fancy and neat. Once everything is covered in duct tape, it should more or less hold itself together. To spiff it up, I created a hilt from a piece of leftover foam and added some decorations, like the diamond. I also covered the bottom of the handle just because that’s kind of a safety thing. For that, I just wrapped some leftover strips of foam that I had carved off the blade and taped them in place. I used some shiny fake aluminum tape along the ‘blade’ to make it shiny and covered the rest in black and silver duct tape.

As a last touch, I wrapped another strip of that leftover foam around the handle to give it a better grip. I later wrapped it with electrical tape to make it look better, but I didn’t take a picture of that.

Random old commissions from several years back when I didn’t have a reliable digital camera. As you can probably tell, several of these pictures weren’t taken by me.

From top to bottom

Sanshuuou - Kankuro third puppet, made mini-sized. Mostly cardboard and paper mache. Came out nicely, but it’s a fairly simple puppet to begin with.

Keyblade - Lots of cardboard and hot glue, but this is honestly not my best work. The glue is sloppy and the edges were unnecessarily rough. Last time I saw this prop, it was kind of beat to hell.

Zangetsu - Really simple prop. Apparently got busted before the con. Never got to see it in any photos with the costume. Shit sux.

Benihime - Urahara’s sword. I have no progress photos of this sword because it was made in a matter of hours at an Ohayocon several years back. It was actually some pretty damn good work if I do say so myself. It’s just a shame that I never got any more pictures of it besides these two.

Holy shit. Where the fuck have I been?

Got some serious work done on the Rebellion. Other than some final detail sculpting on the skulls and some touch ups on the horns and such, this things is just about ready for paint after one or two more coats of gesso.