Chrow's Nest

More spear heads!

Yeah, I sort of put this on hold because the client (or commissionee, as I like to call them) didn’t have the money for a while. Then he got the money and told me to get back to work.

So, over the past few days, I’ve really been kicking my shit into gear. Both spear heads are fully posterboard coated. I still need to iron down the glue and smooth them out. Possibly put them through some more sanding and refining, then it will be onto the prime, paint, sand, paint, sand, paint, etc part of the project..

I should probably get around to collecting the other materials I need, also..


Made as a commission for a friend of a friend for their Eri Hasumi (of Vanguard Princess) cosplay. Super duper simple to make, really. I could have taken more photos, but there really wasn’t too much to the creation process.

The most difficult part was finding a way to attach the little white wing flap things on the sides. I ended up drilling holes in the sides of the pipe then using bits of wire to wedge them together.

Other than that.. Yeah.. Shit. I kind of haven’t been working on much lately. I don’t know why. My desire to do shit just sort of dried up for a couple weeks. Well, that’s not entirely true. At one point, I did built a giant boffer halberd for a friend’s birthday that I didn’t get any pictures of because my camera was missing (turns out my brother had it). I’ll have to get a few pictures of that.

Random old commissions from several years back when I didn’t have a reliable digital camera. As you can probably tell, several of these pictures weren’t taken by me.

From top to bottom

Sanshuuou - Kankuro third puppet, made mini-sized. Mostly cardboard and paper mache. Came out nicely, but it’s a fairly simple puppet to begin with.

Keyblade - Lots of cardboard and hot glue, but this is honestly not my best work. The glue is sloppy and the edges were unnecessarily rough. Last time I saw this prop, it was kind of beat to hell.

Zangetsu - Really simple prop. Apparently got busted before the con. Never got to see it in any photos with the costume. Shit sux.

Benihime - Urahara’s sword. I have no progress photos of this sword because it was made in a matter of hours at an Ohayocon several years back. It was actually some pretty damn good work if I do say so myself. It’s just a shame that I never got any more pictures of it besides these two.